6PAK Nutrition Yummy Fruits in Jelly 600g

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  • 6PAK Nutrition Yummy Fruits in Jelly 600g
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6PAK Nutrition Yummy Fruits in Jelly 600g Frużelina - Apple Cinnamon is an apple with cinnamon in the form of a gel. It contains a sweetener. It is a delicious frużelina with a great texture that does not contain added sugar because it contains naturally occurring sugars.Time for dessert or a sweet snack! Do you miss childhood flavors? Are you tired of the constant limitations of your diet? How about apple pancakes with aromatic cinnamon? With the new frużelina from 6PAK it is possible! Delicious pieces of apples embedded in a gel consistency will perfectly change the character of any kitchen. Everyone was waiting for this taste!Why is Yummy frugalina good?It is good mainly because it is delicious! Apple & Cinnamon just does the job - it's a combination of large pieces of fruit and perfect texture. Are you able to say no to apples with cinnamon? Secondly, it is a product dedicated to people who pay special attention to the amount of calories consumed. One serving of Yummy Fruits in Jelly , i.e. 15 g, is only 8 kcal! But it must be emphasized here that these gel-coated fruits will also appeal to the greatest gourmets and sweet lovers. Frużelina from 6PAK is a product to which sugar has not been added, in its composition it occurs naturally, i.e. it comes from fruit.Have you had a hard day at work and want to improve your mood?Do you want to enjoy the chilly and long evenings with the taste of childhood? Isn't apple with cinnamon one of these flavors? Maybe it's a delicious apple pie, or maybe tasty apple pancakes? Or maybe you fancy something completely new? The kitchen is a constant experiment, and Yummy Fruits in Jelly is perfect for that. Be sure to try what combinations of flavors suit you - you can add apples with cinnamon to various pastries, desserts, and sweet snacks. Even plain Yummy frugelin rice waffle sounds more appetizing. You do not believe? See for yourself, although you probably know that the other flavors of fruit in the gel from 6PAK are highly appreciated.6PAK Nutrition Yummy Fruits in Jelly 600g Frużelina - Apple Cinnamon - is a delicious variety to your meals. Bet on an apple with cinnamon! Energy Value (energy)236 kJ / 56 kcal-35 kJ / 8 kcal0%Fat0.2-including saturated fatty acids0 g-0 g0%Carbohydrates26 g-3.9 g2%including sugars11 g-1.7 g2%including polyhydric alcohols (polyols)14 g-2.1 g-Fiber1.2 g-0.2 g-Protein0.3 g-0.05 g0%Salt0 g-0 g0%Ingredients: apple (80%), water, sweeteners (erythritol, sucralose), modified starch, acidity regulator (citric acid), aroma, cinnamon (0.15%), preservative (potassium sorbate).

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