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  • Gainer 737 3kg - Megabol
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Gainer 737 is the best-selling gainer  that supports extreme muscle gainThe Gainer 737 has earned the status of the best-selling Gainer on the market due to its useful features. Its basic feature is the distinctive taste and variety of flavours, but its biggest merit is the percentage of proteins per dose. In about 100 g of the product, you will find up to 30% of the protein derived from WPI, WPC and WPH whey, an isolated wheat germ protein that is a rich source of L-glutamine. It also contains pure, free amino acids L-leucine and L-lysine. Compared to competing gainers, 30% of protein is a truly remarkable number in relation to its price. Gainer 737 from Megabol has a truly irreplaceable position in the  market and from year to year, this gainer becomes more popular and sold.The Gainer 737 is an excellent product for beginners who have trouble gaining weight at a low and affordable price and strength athletes in volume training. Its taste is very pronounced and has several interesting flavours, from which you will certainly choose your favourite one. It dissolves perfectly in both water and milk. It is most effective after strength training and before bedtime. Who is Megabol Gainer 737 for?The Gainer 737 from Megabol is especially designed for novice athletes who have problems with gaining weight. It is also very popular with experienced athletes who consider it a suitable product for volume training.Gainer 737 and its advantagescontains 30% proteindesigned for gaining extreme muscle masssuitable for bulk preparationcomplex of simple and complex carbohydrateshas a high glutamine contentcontains a complete set of vitaminshas excellent solubilityCompositionWPC (whey protein concentrate), WPI (whey protein isolate), hydrolysed whey protein, wheat protein isolate, addition of L-glutamine and protein peptides, free amino acids L-leucine and L-lysine, simple and complex carbohydrates, a mixture of vitamins. DosingMix a basic dose of 70 g of product with 220 ml of water or milk. Prepare it immediately before consumption. It is best to consume this cocktail as another meal between the main meals. Optimum efficiency is achieved by taking the product 1 to 3 times a day. Table of nutritional valuesNutritional values100 gProtein30 gCarbohydrates59 gFats0,8 gEnergy value1543 kJ / 363 kcalHydrolysate of amino acids2000 mgL-leucine100 mgL-lysine300 mgVitamin B1 (as thiamine)0,9 mgVitamin B2 (as riboflavin)1,1 mgVitamin B61,2 mgVitamin B120,65 mgVitamin B39,8 mgFolacin220 mgVitamin E5,5 mgVitamin C33 mgBiotin0,08 mgPantothenic acid5,6 mg 

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