220V 12V-24V 5kW DIISELPUHUR, UUS, soodne hind!

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Müüa 5kW DIISELPUHUR, mis töötab 12V-24V ja 220V pealt.

Sobib kasutamiseks nii sõidukites, haagissuvilates, bussides jne, samuti sobib ka ruumide soojendamiseks, sest töötab ka 220V pealt. Mugav ja lihtne kasutada ja vajadusel transportida.
Suurepärane seade, suurepärase hinnaga!

Brand Sunster
bluetooth Support
Fuel supply diesel only
Switch LCD Switch
Material Plastic+Carbon Fiber Look
Built-in fuel tank 5L
Rated power 5KW
Rated voltage 12V/24v/220v
Fuel consumption 0.1L- 0.48L/ hour
Remote control effective distance 50 meters
Radiator working temperature -40~+50°C
Operating temperature of oil pump -40~+40°C

Packaged included:
1 x Air Diesel Heater
1 x Remote control
1 x AC-DC Power adapter
1 x Muffler
1 x Air Filter
1 x Fixed plate
1 x Exhaust pipe
1 x Inlet air pipe
1 x Outlet air pipe
1 set Screw accessory kit
1 x User Manual (kaasas ei ole eesti k kasutusjuhendit, on inglise k!)


With AC 220V function, it is safer and more convenient for home use. Compared with pure home heaters, it saves more electricity and warms up faster.

Smarter - Download the "airheaterble" App, available for iOS and Android devices, which enables user to remotely control the heater via Bluetooth. You can preheat and defrost the outdoor vehicle in advance without leaving your home

Energy Efficient - The interior heats up rapidly once the heater is in operation. Using an average of 0.1-0.35 liters of diesel and 36 watts of power per hour, which is ideal for long heating periods
Comfortable and Warm - The air heater has an output of up to 17,000 BTUs, capable of meeting different heating requirements. In addition, the quiet operation ensures a restful night's sleep

Safety - Equipped with shutdown mechanisms to prevent overheating and hazards. The heater is thermostatically controlled and the combustion chamber is completely sealed whilst the exhaust is externally vented. Safe to operate whilst sleeping

Easy to Operate - The remote controller and LCD monitor provides fast and intuitive operation, allowing pre-heating and remote temperature adjustment. The timer function lets you set the start-up and shut-down time, useful for unoccupied vehicles

Use Anywhere - The heater is all in an iron casing, allowing for ease of installation, use and movement. The compact structure can save space and is perfectly suited for vehicles, outdoor camping, home heating and greenhouse, etc.

Tarneaeg ca 5-10 päeva, saadame seadme kliendile kohale.
TELLIMISEKS saada sõnumitesse maksja andmed ja täpne tarneaadress (saaja nimi, täpne postiaadress koos postiindeksiga ja mobiiltelefoni number), saadame arve ja kui see laekunud, siis läheb tellimus töösse.

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