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SUPERSOODNE HIND! Poehind 179.90€

Müüa praktiliselt uus ja pakendis TEKSTIILIPESUR, millega saate puhastada vaipu, auto istmeid jpm.

Mugav ja lihtne kasutada! Töötab vaikselt! Võtab hoiustamisel vähe ruumi!

Väga vajalik seade koduses majapidamises!

【Powerful Cleaning】 It has a powerful 400W motor, which can effectively clean carpets, sofas, pet cushions and car seats, reducing the time spent cleaning housework.
【Double independent water tank】 Removable water tanks for easy filling and emptying. The two-tank system allows cleaning with clean water while dirt and dust are stored in a different tank. Clean water tank capacity: 1100 ml, waste water tank capacity: 500 ml.
【2 x Suction Nozzles】 1 x Water Suction Brush for Carpets, Carpets, Upholstery and Stairs, etc.1 x Right Angle Water Sucker for Cracks such as Corner Sofas and Beds. The two suckers work perfectly together for stains in any corner.
【120cm Hose】 Comes with a built-in stain remover hose of 120cm length. Independent hose storage: roll the hose into the holder for easy storage.
【Low Noise & Easy to Carry】 This carpet cleaning machine does not make much noise and will not disturb you when in use. The cleaner weighs 3.4 kg and has a comfortable handle on the top that allows you to easily reach every corner of your home.
【Note】When users add cleaning solution, please do not add a very foamy version of the cleaning solution. Too many bubbles will affect the carpet cleaner leaking water

Model Number ‎HH22063AU
Colour ‎White/Grey
Product Dimensions ‎28.5 x 15.2 x 26.5 cm; 4.43 Kilograms
Capacity ‎1.1 litres
Power / Wattage ‎400 watts
Material ‎Plastic
Noise Level ‎85 dB
Item Weight ‎4.43 kg

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