Autoclave Stainless Steel Steam Steriliser 18L

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Müüa kasutamata 18L mahutavusega AURUSTERILISAATOR.
/hzexun Autoclave Stainless Steel Steam Steriliser Steriliser Cabinet Stainless Steel for Dental Medical Devices (Normal, 18L)/

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Sterilisation of the autoclave chamber: made of high-quality 304 stainless steel
Steam valve: automatically empty function, working pressure: 0.14-0.16 MPa, maximum temperature is 126°C.
Pressure indicator with double scale is more convenient to read, it is not suitable for liquid sterilisation.
Application: widely used in the sterilisation of medical equipment, surgical dressings, glass utensils and solutions.

Product description
Technical parameters:
Working pressure: 0.14-0.16 MPa.
Maximum working pressure: 0.165 MPa.
AC 220 V. Power of the electrothermal tube: 2 kW.
Container capacity: 18L
Dimensions of the sterilisation chamber.
18L: 280 mm x 235 mm.
Ignition sources: electric heat.

Timing Adjustment Model Guide
1. Must be placed on a horizontal surface.
2. Take out the heating tube and pour 3.5 litres of water.
After each use, you need to refill the water in time. In case of burning the electric heating pipe due to lack of water.
3. Items are stacked one by one in the disinfection chamber. There should be a gap between the stacking bag and the packaging to facilitate the penetration of steam and improve the disinfection effect. The safety valve (steam outlet of the steam release valve) must not be blocked. Finally, close the lid and tighten the screws diagonally.
4. Plug in the timer, set it (clockwise to increase it, the maximum timing is 60 minutes), and then also set the temperature.
(Maximum temperature is 126 °C).
After adjusting, turn on the power switch. At this time, the heating indicator on the control panel lights up, the device is working.
5. During the process, the temperature automatically enters the heat retention when it reaches the set temperature and enters the next stage of sterilisation.
6. When this is done, a beep sounds. You can disconnect the device from the mains supply. In 2 to 3 minutes later, the outlet valve is vented and the pressure gauge shows zero, you can finally open the device.

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